Truly diverse, GroundTruth’s capabilities range from residential engineering surveys to property survey to bathometric survey for your water sources. GroundTruth has alliances with consultancy and engineering companies. Our surveying capability, teamed with our other services, gives us a unique ability to present our clients with a full data set and the benefit of only dealing with one company.

Our gear is quality, reliable equipment and teamed with an All -Terrain Vehicle – we can go anywhere!

  • Topographic (RTK GPS)
  • Multi-Frequency Electromagnetic (EM)
  • Engineering – As Con, Set Out, Certifications
  • Bathometric
  • Rural Property
Environmental Monitoring A

Environmental Monitoring

GroundTruth has been providing environmental monitoring for over 10 years to a range of industries. Soil Scientist, Simon Lott, has a vast knowledge of environmental monitoring requirements through a range of industries allowing GroundTruth to provide to our clients accurate and reliable data, every time.

Our drill rigs are designed to quickly change set up from geotechnical drilling to agronomic core sampling. Our gear is specialised and we can offer our clients a unique service. We have long terms contracts and are regularly in the field working with EPA Licensing sample collection; we understand the regulations and make sure our clients stay compliant.

We provide these services across Australia;

  • Push Tube Soil Coring
  • Test Pit Sampling
  • Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling
  • Surface Water Monitoring & Sampling
  • Effluent Sampling & Analysis
  • Air, Dust, Odour & Noise Monitoring
  • River, Creek & Channel Flow Measurements



Project Management

Project Management

GroundTruth has experienced project managers to help guide your project to a successful outcome. Our advanced Quality Assurance system allows for us to manage all projects with a high level of organisation and quality. We have overseen a diverse range of projects across Australia and our logistical competency is second to none – we can move rigs and crews anywhere in the country in a timely and costly manner. We also have strategic alliances with consultancy, engineering and technical companies to assist in providing these services.

Together with our project managers we have a highly skilled, practical logistics and procurement team who work to keep our projects on schedule and to budget. GroundTruth prides itself on having zero hidden costs.

Special Technical Services

Specialist Technical Services

Working in rural Australia we have found that a lot of companies provide one part of the job and then it’s on to finding another contractor, which can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time; our services show that we don’t just stop at the first stage. Driller and Engineer, Simon Lott’s, practical background supports GroundTruth in providing practical services with an innovative edge; we look at every angle of the outcome required.

  • Contaminated Site Tank Extraction & Site Rehabilitation
  • Piezometer/Bore Reconditioning
  • Site Restoration & Rehabilitation
  • Contract Weed Management
  • Weed and Seed Certification & Wash Down
  • Minor Construction Works



Drilling L 3 Drilling R 

Contract Drilling

GroundTruth’s Wedgetail Drill Rigs are ‘in-house’ custom built; we saw a need for a drill rig with big capacity that could go anywhere. Our fleet of 4x4 V8 Toyota Landcruiser Mounted Drill Rigs can mobilise across challenging terrain and have minimal disturbance to the site and environment.

GroundTruth has completed large contract drilling campaigns across SQLD, NSW and Victoria; with our logistical support, quality assurance systems and safety standards we can mobilise small or large crews to any site. We have completed numerous large mud drilling campaigns in record time and with best practices in place.

With experience of working across a range of industries including coal seam gas and petroleum, construction and mining we understand the need to be reliable in our practices and uphold safety in all of our work. Our vehicles are spec’d to mobilise to any site and our technicians are experienced, accurate and on budget every time.

  • Solid Stem - 20m​
  • Hollow Flight - 30m
  • Mud Drilling in Difficult Unconsolidated Materials (Saturated or Unstable Soils) - 65m
  • Core Sampling (Sleeve, U50 and More)
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well / Piezometer Installation
  • Rotary Air Blast (RAB) - 100m



Geotechnical Geotechnical A


GroundTruth recognises the need to complete works quickly and cost effectively, so our clients can move on with construction knowing they have quality advice. Our technicians have completed residential geotechnical assessments for rural blocks through to ‘built-up’ residential subdivisions.

GroundTruth continually works to meet current legislation; Site Classification in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2870 (2011), Wind Load Site Classification in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4055 (2006).

GroundTruth can complete a number of services to benefit your construction site;

  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

GroundTruth has been working within agriculture for many years and has built a strong understanding of working with our clients and providing the best quality services. We have had a vast involvement in soil investigations for dams, feedlots and large infrastructure. Our ability to provide SPT and DCP with a range of borehole sizes allows us properly advise our clients on engineering of their infrastructure. These services are not limited to livestock agriculture, but also wineries, cropping, intensive farming, cultivation and food processing.

GroundTruth has a number of long term contracts with building developers across Northern NSW and regularly has one geotechnical drill rig and technician travelling from the Northern Rivers and down the coast line, across to the Central West and right across the New England.