GroundTruth offers soil sampling for a range of industries and needs:


Soil Surveying

GroundTruth deliver soil surveys of chemical, physical and biological characteristics from surface soils to deep soils. Soil surveying is key to delivering characteristics for development of new lands for irrigation, checks on crop performance variations and solutions for rehabilitation.


Agronomic Surveys

Agronomic sampling needs rapid assessment to a shallow depth.  Using push-tubes and our light weight 4WD rigs, GroundTruth can access difficult sites and collect samples quickly and accurately.  We have extensive experience in soil surveying for EPA requirements.


EM Surveying


RTK Surveying


Laboratory Analyses

GroundTruth can access a number of independent laboratories for biological, chemical and physical testing of soils and waters. If you need special analyses GroundTruth will identify the best laboratory and the most worthwhile quote. GroundTruth also offers a selection of physical testing on site.