Contract Drilling

Licensed, Independent and Specialists Drillers

GroundTruth has a fleet of V8 Landcruiser mounted drill rigs, specifically designed by us and built to drill in the most rugged terrain and mobilise anywhere. Our rigs are construction specified to be compatible with any large project site including mine sites. GroundTruth drill rig fleet is proud to include a Wedgetail Mk4 rig.

GroundTruth drilling offers a diverse range of methods, accompanied with the highest level of safety standards.


Augering – Solid and Hollow Stem To 50m Depth

GroundTruth augers from 75mm to 150mm in diameter and to a depth of 50m. GroundTruth can offer larger and smaller dimensions for auger drilling by request only.


Mud Drilling in Saturated or Unstable Soils

We have portable mud pits so that all fluids and cuttings are managed, to leave minimal impact or scarring to the environmentBy injecting water and polymers down the borehole, collapsing soils are stabilised; allowing the collection of samples or the installation of a piezometer.


Rotary Air Blast

GroundTruth's Wedgetail Mk4 rig is cable of drilling a 100mm hole in rock using RABV techniques.  This is the most useful in installation of piezometers when in variable strata; especially in conjunction with the other capabilities this rig is able to deliver.


Piezometer Installation

GroundTruth is competant and well practised in piezometer installation (groundwater wells) on a range of sites including; service stations, agricultural sites, livestock and food processing sites and mine sites. GroundTruth is highly experienced in dealing with piezometer installation in contaminated soils.